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I am Leena Pandey. For a long time, I was a reader more than a writer. I read voraciously ever since I first enjoyed the pleasures of reading as a 5 year old. Luckily for me, I chose a profession (Instructional Designer/eLearning Consultant) that revolved around reading and writing.

Some time back, however, I started feeling the urge to write something more creative than courses on various software products. So I chucked a lucrative job and took up freelancing. Freelancing would give me the freedom of choosing only the projects that I liked. At least, that was what I had thought then. After two years, however, I was doing more ghostwriting than writing in my own name. I realized that this model didn’t really suit me. People weren’t willing to pay me for what I wanted to write. And if I had to write what people wanted, then why not go back to the security of a permanent job?

Okay, I might have been a coward. But around this time, I luckily found a nice 9 to 5 job that actually finished within 9 to 5 and what’s more, there was no added stress to take back home. Do you really blame me for crawling back under the security blanket?

Several years have passed since. My little kid has grown up, leaving more time on my hands. So here it is then, my second attempt to pursue creative writing. This time, I am doing it in my free time, more as a hobby than as a way to pay the bills.

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