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The Test

I don’t want to go in. There are monsters in there, waiting for fresh blood. Monsters who can finish everything within minutes if they detect any trace of weakness. My mentor’s words  ring in my ears. “Go in and face them. Stand amidst them and look them right in the eye. Keep […]

Unbound #2 – Impressions

The UnBound magazine is a team effort from members of the For Writers, By Authors facebook group. UnBound #2, based on the theme “Strength of a Woman” is available for free download here. UnBound #2 starts with an interesting Foreward by Utkarsh Patel in which he recounts the legend of Alli, […]

It’s a Dog’s Life

Why do they say “a dog’s life” as if it is something bad? In my opinion, the dog has it all – food at regular interval, love and petting from near and dear ones, and lots and lots of leisure. And there’s no pressure of studies, earning, or that stress […]

Uh Oh!

Monsoons are notoriously unpredictable in India. Yet weather forecasters keep making valiant efforts to predict the monsoon rains. If it rains before the predicted date, it is a pre-monsoon shower. Any rain after the predicted date range is due to western disturbances!

About a Boss

Bosses are a necessary evil. The mere hint of their presence is enough to make you feel guilty about every unofficial mail you read or every site you visit surreptitiously while pretending to work hard. But the solemn pearls of wisdom that drop from their mouths every now and then make up […]

Genesis and After

A peek into God’s diary 00.00.00 BT (Before Time) For an eternity, I’ve been sitting around doing nothing. What is the use of all this power if there is no one to admire and revere it? Surely there is more to life than merely existing as a supreme power? I […]

It Knows

There it is. Looking saintly and innocent, Minding its own business. I know it is all pretense, A storm brews within, Threatening to break through any moment, I wait and watch. It knows I’m watching Somehow, it knows. Maintaining its calm With nary a murmur, Also waiting and watching, For […]