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Poor, Poor Paul

Remember Paul? The octopus who predicted the outcome of all matches in which Germany played in the 2010 FIFA World Cup? Well, here’s a poem I wrote back then. Two little Germans, sitting on the wall, One named Adolf, one named Paul. Deep-cleansing Germany was Adolf’s call, Paul just predicted […]

Something Awry

A trip to the hills Planned weeks in advance Mom-in-law’s last minute announcement To join in Is quickly followed by: Fevered brow Sore throat Dripping nose. Even my periods kick in Five days earlier. Allergy?

What Is Creative Writing?

Traditionally, all writing has been classified into two clear-cut categories, non-creative writing and creative writing. Non-creative writing usually deals with hard, cold facts. Its purpose is to inform readers and enhance their knowledge about a specific happening, situation, product, or concept. For instance, a book on history, a news write-up […]

Patol Babu, Film Star

Patol Babu, Film Star is a gem of a story by Satyajit Ray. I came across this short story in my son’s English Literature book and was instantly charmed. I have read (and seen) several of Satyajit Ray’s works and am an ardent fan. This possibly colors my reviews of […]

Creative Writing Exercise #1

As you know, style plays a critical role in your creative writing efforts. For a beginner, it is important to experiment with different writing styles to find out which style suits him or her best. So, here’s a simple creative writing exercise that you can use to familiarise yourself with […]