A Song and Dance About Garbage

The hills are alive With the sound of music,With songs they have sung For a thousand years… …sang Maria in the opening scenes of the evergreen Sound of Music. But the song reverberating through the Bhimtal hills these days has just been around for the last five years or so and goes something like this:Continue reading “A Song and Dance About Garbage”

The Rasagullas

Somda arranged four rasagullas in a plate, fluffed up the sofa, and settled down to read a heavy, leather-bound book. Rajat watched these preparations from the doorway. His mouth watered. He had gulped down his share of the rasagullas as soon as the visitor who brought them had left. But this had only left himContinue reading “The Rasagullas”


Siroun? What does it mean? “Beautiful”, she says softly. Oh, just the right name for you! A conversation that plays over and over in her life with slight variations. At every party, every get-together. Anywhere she meets new people. Yet Siroun doesn’t tire of it. She smiles charmingly, acknowledging the compliment she deserves. Drawn by her beauty, boysContinue reading “Siroun”

TILAC – The International List of Approved Cusswords

Setting – Somehwere in Delhi in 2008, soon after the infamous Monkeygate scandal invoving Harbhajan Singh, aka Bhaji, and Australian player, Andrew Symonds. TILAC – The International List of Approved Cusswords Ba**ard Son of a b**ch . … . … …. “What the hell are you doing Dhruv?” I asked. I leaned forward to getContinue reading “TILAC – The International List of Approved Cusswords”

About a Boss

Bosses are a necessary evil. The mere hint of their presence is enough to make you feel guilty about every unofficial mail you read or every site you visit surreptitiously while pretending to work hard. But the solemn pearls of wisdom that drop from their mouths every now and then make up for the hours you spend sloggingContinue reading “About a Boss”