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The Rasagullas

Somda arranged four rasagullas in a plate, fluffed up the sofa, and settled down to read a heavy, leather-bound book. Rajat watched these preparations from the doorway. His mouth watered. He had gulped down his share of the rasagullas as soon as the visitor who brought them had left. But […]


Siroun? What does it mean? “Beautiful”, she says softly. Oh, just the right name for you! A conversation that plays over and over in her life with slight variations. At every party, every get-together. Anywhere she meets new people. Yet Siroun doesn’t tire of it. She smiles charmingly, acknowledging the compliment she deserves. […]

If Only

“Man stabbed to death in own house by unknown assailant” I put down the newspaper and massage my forehead. The pounding in my head has subsided to a dull ache. I don’t feel any more like throwing up all over, till the last drop of liquid has been squeezed out […]

Old Monk

Hari Ram Gupta got off the chartered bus at the Old Sargam Vihar bus stand and checked his watch. Hmph! 6:25 p.m. A full fifteen minutes later than the previous day. If the traffic condition in Delhi kept worsening like this, he’d soon be reaching home only after the sun […]

The Test

I don’t want to go in. There are monsters in there, waiting for fresh blood. Monsters who can finish everything within minutes if they detect any trace of weakness. My mentor’s words  ring in my ears. “Go in and face them. Stand amidst them and look them right in the eye. Keep […]

About a Boss

Bosses are a necessary evil. The mere hint of their presence is enough to make you feel guilty about every unofficial mail you read or every site you visit surreptitiously while pretending to work hard. But the solemn pearls of wisdom that drop from their mouths every now and then make up […]

Genesis and After

A peek into God’s diary 00.00.00 BT (Before Time) For an eternity, I’ve been sitting around doing nothing. What is the use of all this power if there is no one to admire and revere it? Surely there is more to life than merely existing as a supreme power? I […]