At Kennet River

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After our stop at Anglesea for coffee, the next stop was about an hour later at Kafe Koala, Kennet River.

Our driver guide said that we are bound to spot a koala or two here so we set out after him along a side path near Kafe Koala. And sure enough, after walking less than half a kilometer, we spotted a koala fast asleep on a tree.

Can you spot the koala?

Can you see that lump high up on the tree? That’s the koala! A pair of binoculars would certainly have been handy. It was a wonder how it managed to stay up on the tree while staying fast asleep. Here’s a close-up of the koala.

Close-up of the koala

We did manage to spot another koala on a little lower branch but it too was barely awake. In all, the koala spotting experience was not too exciting. But that was more than made up by the lovely birds that we saw.

A lot of people bye birdseed from the cafe to feed the birds so most of the birds around here were used to having people around. Some even landed on our shoulders and heads!

Mobile washrooms were stationed in the parking lot for those who needed it. The cafe had some basic refreshments but we weren’t particularly hungry as our driver guide had said that we would soon be stopping for lunch.

The highlight of this spot is definitely the colorful parrots and other birds. If you are coming here in a car and have more time at your disposal, you can go for a koala walk or generally explore the Kennet River surroundings.

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