Thursday Hops #9

Thursday Hops #9 is about this mysterious structure in our complex. No one knows what it is meant to be.

Here is the bird’s eye view of the structure. What to do you think it represents?

Bird’s eye view of the structure

Among residents, it is known as the supertree, the inverted umbrella, or simply “that thing in the middle”.

When the structure first came up, the term supertree was thrown around, and we thought this was a ‘base’ structure on would many live creepers would be grown. When the creepers would eventually cover the entire structure, it would look like a giant tree.

Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. Some artificial greenery was stuck on to the structure. Lights were installed in the central funnel like structure. This is how the structure looks at night from the ground.

Ground View of the Structure

The color of the light changes every minute or so. Here’s a close up of the ‘tree’ branches.

Now, I’m not saying it is not pretty. But wouldn’t it have been even more beautiful (and also more functional) if they grew actual creepers and plants around it?

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