Drawing Challenge #Day 8

Day 8’s challenge was to add shading to a given image based on the defined light source. The same image was repeated multiple time in the reference sheet, with the light coming in at different angles in each variation.

We were supposed to print out the reference sheet and add in shadows in each image after studying the light source in the image. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I decided to replicate the image on paper and then add shadows.

Here’s my drawing before adding the shading:

While adding shading, I decided to define the nose a bit more than in the sample image as the nose is what sticks out in an face and likely to cast shadows. I also defined the eyes a bit more. I also had to darken the hair a bit more so that I could differentiate it from the shading.

Here’s one of my shading samples. I’ve indicated the light direction by arrows.

I’m not sure about the accuracy of my shading. I guess I’ll know when I look at the solutions tomorrow. Any tips/references for improving my understanding of light and shadows with respect to sketching is welcome.

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