Thursday Hops #13

So it’s Thursday, and time for the 13th hop!

Like the previous hop about Mukteshwar, this one is also from my hubby’s recent trip to Uttarakhand. More specifically, it is about a local jharna (mountain spring) in a place called Sat Tal, or Seven Lakes.

This is a perennial spring, though its volume does vary depending on the season. The spring is off the regular tracks and is slightly hidden. The path leading to it is rocky and not easily accessible.

I don’t remember the first time I visited this place (it must have been in early 2000s), but at the time only the locals knew about the spring. As tourism, especially camping, picked up in Sat Tal, tourist guides started leading tourists to the spring as a sort of trek in the mountains. In fact, the last time we had headed for the spring, we had to turn back as the place was too crowded. We had our dog with us and didn’t want to create a ruckus.

Here are some pics of our visit to the spring about a decade ago with some friends and family.

In rainy season, the path to the spring is full of leeches. You can’t escape them. I can guarantee that at least one of them will stick to you while you are there, even if you have on hard boots 🙂

But the visit is still worth it!

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