Thursday Hops #16

As I mentioned in my previous edition of Thursday Hops, we were living in an East Delhi colony when my son was a little boy of five or six. As the colony had originally been unauthorized, there were not many parks or open spaces there. So I used to take him to a park in a prettier and better-planned colony nearby. On the way there, I would sometimes entertain him by asking him to rate the houses we saw on the way on a scale of 1 to 10. This soon became a kind of ritual between us. Whenever we went to a new place, we would rate the houses we saw on walks. We also rated restaurants, the way we saw celebrity foodies do on TV shows.

Today my son, now a young man, accompanied me on my fairly regular evening walk. As Deepawali, the festival of lights, is just a few days away, many families have started putting up decorative lights in their houses. The earthen lamps (diyas) and candles used in his childhood have given way to colorful LED lights joined together into strings of stars, bubbles, and other intriguing shapes.

A curtain of blue lights

Some houses are done up tastefully, some gaudily. Some seem to have brought out all the lights the have accumulated over the years and hung them up from various corners.

My son and I debated on the ratings of several houses, but we both agreed that this house looked the best. I don’t know the family who lives here, but they have very tastefully merged the lights with their greens. The pic may not have brought out the best features of the house, but it looked like a really tranquil and peaceful home.

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