Thursday Hops #21

This week’s Thursday Hops is dedicated to the ongoing farmers’ protest against the recently introduced farm laws. I won’t go into the nitty-gritties of the laws as I’m not really an expert on them. But just think, if the very farmers that these laws are claiming to protect are protesting against them, then there must be something really wrong with the laws.

I don’t buy into the Government’s view that this is a politically orchestrated protest or that the farmers are simple-minded, innocent folks being misled by the Opposition. I mean, the Opposition in India is in shambles right now. There is no way they could have organized such large-scale protests in so many states, and kept it going for such a long time. I believe that this is, by and large, a very natural, organic protest.

Some glimpses from the protest site at Delhi’s Ghazipur border on NH-24.

Let’s pray that the ongoing talks between the government and various farm unions lead to a solution that address all of the farmers’ concerns. And the farmers who have been braving Delhi’s cold conditions are able to return home with a smile on their faces.

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