Celebrating Women’s Day with a New Skill

So this is my Women’s Day achievement — I completed my driving lessons today and thereby acquired a new skill.

Actually I need to qualify that. I have learned to drive before as well (more on that in a later blog), but this is the first time that I have learned to Drive Without Fear.

I must thank two people for my new skill. The first is obviously my instructor, who was quite patient with my queries and mistakes and succeeded to a large amount in removing the stress that I have till now associated with driving.

The second person who helped me acquire the skill of driving without fear is my much younger neighbor who was also learning to drive with me. Her constant questions made it easier for me to voice my own queries without feeling ‘stupid’.

I also admired her ability to shake off little mistakes and get on with the learning. While I’m normally both eager to learn and persistent, I have somehow always struggled with driving. Every time, I lose my nerve over some little mistake and then give up. However, this time, except for the first day, I managed to drive without a constant, throbbing fear clutching at my heart. I am not an expert yet, but I am feeling quite proud of myself at the moment.

My neighbour also kept taking pictures and videos as I drove. She probably just did it for fun but somehow watching myself drive has given me the confidence that I had lacked till now. In fact, I made one of the pictures she took as my screensaver and profile pic to inspire myself.

So here’s wishing a Happy Women’s Day to my young friend and all the other women out there who knowingly or unknowingly are helping out other women come out of their shells!

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3 thoughts on “Celebrating Women’s Day with a New Skill

  1. Congratulations for achieving it. I myself found it very challenging during my learning time. It was the only skill which I almost gave up due to disappointment, thanks to my instructor who provided needed motivation. Now enjoy the drive 😊
    Happy women’s day !!!

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