Corbett Wild River Access Resort

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We visited Jim Corbett National Park in October this year after 9 years. Corbett National Park is a thickly forested region in the Kumaon region in the foothills of Himalayas. The national park is India’s prominent tiger reserve and named after Jim Corbett, the famous tiger hunter-turned-conservationist.

This time, we stayed at Corbett Wild River Access Resort, at Ramnagar Uttarakhand. It’s a 3-star resort with price in the Dhikuli area of Corbett National Park. The best thing about this resort is its majestic grounds. If you are staying here, definitely opt for a park-view cottage.

Bonfires are held every night. And its a good place for a young group who want to sit/dance around a bonfire with snacks and drinks. The swimming pool is good, and a lot of families and friend groups were having fun in it.

However, the place really lacks in certain aspects. The room quality is not good. Apart from seepage in walls and curtain rods falling down, the TV was not working, and taps were leaking. The plus point is that someone does turn up whenever you raise an issue, but there’s nothing much they could do because the cottages need major repairs, not stopgap fixes.

It almost seemed that the beautiful grounds are maintained by one hotel group and the cottages by another – so different is their level of maintenance.

The approach to the Kosi River is not suitable if you have senior citizens or kids with you. This was in contrast to other Corbett hotels in the Dhikuli area, such as Tiger Camp, Corbett Hideaway, and Corbett River View Retreat, in which I have stayed previously. Usually, you can easily stroll down to the river.

This place has a lot of potential if developed properly.

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