Speech 1: Leena for Dummies

Welcome to Leena for Dummies! In this session, I hope you’ll learn all you need to know about me, at least what can be conveyed in 4 mins. I’ll start with a little background information. I was born in Kerala. When I was about 6 months old, my family shifted to Delhi. I’ve resided in DelhiContinue reading “Speech 1: Leena for Dummies”

Flock – The Journey: A Review

I recently got a chance to read two stories by Galina Trefil from Flock – The Journey. Both stories, Calo with Calo and The Proposal, though very different, have a romance at their core. In Calo with Calo, teenaged Milo Dimitrov is entranced with the girl next door. In a really equal world, this shouldContinue reading “Flock – The Journey: A Review”

Pitchfest at Litventure – A Guest Post by Aindrila Roy

With NanoWrimo in full flow now, FWBA comes with its new initiative – The Pitchfest! Aindrila Roy shares with us the juicy details. Litventure was conceived when the minds behind the Facebook group, For Writers By Authors, realized that there is a gap between the authors and the readers that is seldom bridged. That singleContinue reading “Pitchfest at Litventure – A Guest Post by Aindrila Roy”

TILAC – The International List of Approved Cusswords

Setting – Somehwere in Delhi in 2008, soon after the infamous Monkeygate scandal invoving Harbhajan Singh, aka Bhaji, and Australian player, Andrew Symonds. TILAC – The International List of Approved Cusswords Ba**ard Son of a b**ch . … . … …. “What the hell are you doing Dhruv?” I asked. I leaned forward to getContinue reading “TILAC – The International List of Approved Cusswords”