Pitchfest at Litventure – A Guest Post by Aindrila Roy

With NanoWrimo in full flow now, FWBA comes with its new initiative – The Pitchfest! Aindrila Roy shares with us the juicy details. Litventure was conceived when the minds behind the Facebook group, For Writers By Authors, realized that there is a gap between the authors and the readers that is seldom bridged. That singleContinue reading “Pitchfest at Litventure – A Guest Post by Aindrila Roy”

TILAC – The International List of Approved Cusswords

Setting – Somehwere in Delhi in 2008, soon after the infamous Monkeygate scandal invoving Harbhajan Singh, aka Bhaji, and Australian player, Andrew Symonds. TILAC – The International List of Approved Cusswords Ba**ard Son of a b**ch . … . … …. “What the hell are you doing Dhruv?” I asked. I leaned forward to getContinue reading “TILAC – The International List of Approved Cusswords”

Unbound #2 – Impressions

The UnBound magazine is a team effort from members of the For Writers, By Authors facebook group. UnBound #2, based on the theme “Strength of a Woman” is available for free download here. UnBound #2 starts with an interesting Foreward by Utkarsh Patel in which he recounts the legend of Alli, a strong woman ruler whoContinue reading “Unbound #2 – Impressions”

About a Boss

Bosses are a necessary evil. The mere hint of their presence is enough to make you feel guilty about every unofficial mail you read or every site you visit surreptitiously while pretending to work hard. But the solemn pearls of wisdom that drop from their mouths every now and then make up for the hours you spend sloggingContinue reading “About a Boss”