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Flock – The Journey: A Review

I recently got a chance to read two stories by Galina Trefil from Flock – The Journey. Both stories, Calo with Calo and The Proposal, though very different, have a romance at their core. In Calo with Calo, teenaged Milo Dimitrov is entranced with the girl next door. In a […]

Unbound #2 – Impressions

The UnBound magazine is a team effort from membersĀ of the For Writers, By Authors facebook group. UnBound #2, based on the theme “Strength of a Woman” is available for free download here. UnBound #2 starts with an interesting Foreward by Utkarsh Patel in which he recounts the legend of Alli, […]

Patol Babu, Film Star

Patol Babu, Film Star is a gem of a story by Satyajit Ray. I came across this short story in my son’s English Literature book and was instantly charmed. I have read (and seen) several of Satyajit Ray’s works and am an ardent fan. This possibly colors my reviews of […]