Prisons – A Review

Many years ago, I read Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, a self-help book that has been confirmed as life changing by readers across the world. I won’t say it changed my life, but it did make me regard some events in my life with wonder. Apparently, I had intuitively triggered some aspects of the Secret.

A few days back, I had the opportunity to read another self-development book – Parneet Sachdev‘s Prisons – The Six Secrets of Life. In a very simple, easy-to-understand language, Parneet has shared six tools for transforming your life. Or rather six tools for breaking out of your prison, be it that of sickness, an unhappy marriage, or a powerless life.

Each tool is explored through a story, one about Parneet himself and the others about five real women from different walks of life. Parneet has come across each of these women at some point in time, though names have been changed to protect their identities.

Based on true incidents, each story is about how the protagonists eventually learn to train and use their superconscious mind to break out of their emotional prisons, founded on false belief systems, and successfully turn around the reality of their lives. Each story is followed by a section on how we can adapt and use the tool covered in the story in our own lives.

You can read the book just for the inspiring stories, or you can choose to apply one of the tools to your life. Personally, I’m thinking of honing my Visualization technique. As I said, I have had some success with it in the past, though arguably for much trivial purposes as compared to the women in Patneet’s book.

Prisons – The Six Secrets of Life is available on Amazon.

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I have been reading voraciously since the age of five when I first discovered the joys of reading. I would lap up anything in print. Unrolling an emptied newspaper cone with one hand, stuffing roasted peanuts in my mouth with the other, all the while devouring the printed content on the cone with my eyes, was one of my first experiences in hedonistic pleasure. In fact, sometimes I feel that I am on an adventurous journey through the secret dreamworld of other people's imaginations, interspersed with occasional visits to my own life to attend events like graduation, first job, marriage, and so on. As a true-blue reader, I think I am uniquely qualified to comment on and critique other people's works of labour. I can tell exactly what puts the average reader to sleep, what sets their pulse racing, and what has them salivating for more. Write to me at

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