Home Improvement Project #4

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My four-seater dining table is quite plain. The table is alright, but the chairs are a bit boring. The chairs are made of mango wood and have straight backs without any upholstering. Quite bare as you can see.

I wanted to make them a little more appealing but wasn’t sure how. Then my sister raved about a mother-of-pearl embellished door that she had seen at one of her friend’s house. This friend worked with local artisans who created custom mother-of-pearl designs. The way she described them I thought these would come as easy-to-apply stick-ons that would instantly glam up my chairs.

My sis said she was planning to get some pieces designed for her house’s door as well as a custom nameplate. Excited I said, “Order some pieces for me as well.

“I want something intricate. I’m still working it out” she said. “Your requirement is simple enough. No need to wait for me.”

So I contacted my sister’s friend and outlined the kind of design I wanted for my chairs. The pieces arrived, and to my surprise they were not really stick-ons. They had to be glued on with Kwik Fix. What was worse, each delicate swirl was made up of three or four fragile pieces that had to be glued on individually. That’s 14 individual pieces for one chair.


I think it took me around two hours to finish one chair. And then too I didn’t really make a neat job of it. The design ended up slightly off-center, and not really symmetrical.

I was tired after doing one chair. The next day I just did one table leg.

I completed the other chairs and table legs in bits and pieces. What I had imagined would be max an hour’s effort took me several days (weeks to be honest).

Here’s the end result:

My sister, meanwhile, has shelved all her mother-of-pearl decor plans.

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