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They say travel broadens the mind. If that is the case, my mind must be really broad by now. Although my surface travels have been limited primarily to India, in my mind I have traveled far and wide to regions known and unknown. This is in honour of all the trips I’ve made, all the people who have accompanied me, and all those I’ve met during these trips.

I didn’t travel much before my marriage. I started keeping a record of my travels even later, after my baby was born in 2000. Here are a few of my travel tales and my travel logs.


A Birthday Celebration in Nainital - This year my birthday falls on a weekend, so we are going out of town to celebrate. My husband votes for his favorite destination, Saat Taal. I give in a little half heartedly since our last trip was also to Saat Taal. Then while browsing for accommodation online, I notice […]
A Completely Unplanned Trip to Mamallapuram - The original plan was to go to Bangalore, then Alleppy district in Kerala, then Chennai, and finally to Puducherry (Pondicherry). Sounds like a weird plan, I know, but the primary purpose was to visit family and took into account various people’s availability. Puducherry was the only place that we were […]
The Madras Crocodile Bank - Sequel to A Completely Unplanned Trip to Mamallapuram The second day at Mamallapuram turned out to be blazing hot. As we finished a leisurely breakfast at the Sea Breeze restaurant, rock gazing in that heat was ruled out by common consent. Instead, we opted to visit the Madras Crocodile Bank, […]
Trailing the Tiger in Bandhavgarh - Over the last few years, I have been on tiger safaris in Corbett, Rajaji National Park, and Thekkadi but have never been fortunate enough to actually spot a tiger. This time, my husband, son and I decided to visit Bandhavgarh, the national reserve park in Madhya Pradesh known for maximum […]
Two Nights in Kovalam, Kerala - I’ve been to Kovalam several times. Each time I go, I think one day is sufficient for Kovalam. I mean how long can you sit on a beach? But, once I hit the water all thoughts of leaving Kovalam were literally washed away. Here’s a description of the two nights we […]
Your First Flight: A Ready Reckoner - Taking your first flight can be quite unnerving, even if it is a simple two hour domestic flight from Delhi to Mumbai. Right from a niggling worry that the plane will surely crash to the more urgent concerns about whether you have completed all necessary procedures at the airport, the […]


Year 2009 - Why am I writing about Year 2009 in 2019? Well, as it happens, I’ve completed ten years at my current place of employment. During the celebratory spring-cleaning of my laptop, the 3rd one in this office, I discovered 10 years’ worth of pictures. I backed up the pics promptly on […]
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