Announcing Thursday Hops!

Starting today, I’ll be posting a single travel photo every Thursday. Hopefully, clicked in the same week. As travel options are currently limited due to the Covid pandemic, get ready to see many, many shots of Bhimtal from different angles in the coming weeks. (Don’t worry if you see the same shot of Bhimtal lake over and over again with just a change in the timestamp…it just means I’ve been feeling particularly lazy and haven’t stepped out the whole week.)

So here goes!

Thursday Hops #1

Bhimtal lake, top view
Bhimtal Lake, view from the top of Sanguri Gaon Road, July 15

I took this pic yesterday, just a little before sunset. The lake was looking gorgeous, the air was fresh as it had been raining almost the entire day, and I was breathless. Okay, it was not just because the view was breathtaking, I had ventured out of the house after nearly two weeks and the steep climb took a toll. My hubby, of course, was not in the least out of breath as he does this hike every day with our dog.

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