Thursday Hops #3

For Thursday Hops #3, I bring to you this beautiful just-before-sunset picture of Bhimtal Hills. Look at the wisps of clouds floating by!

Sunset in the mountains

The clouds formed such interesting patterns. And just minutes after we took this picture, the misty clouds covered the hills from our view.

Doesn’t it look lovely?

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11 thoughts on “Thursday Hops #3

  1. I agree, wonderful shot!! I love how sometimes in that area you enjoy the view of the mountains but then the clouds shift and suddenly you realise that the mountains you were enjoying are so much bigger and snow capped!

    1. Yes, the view from our balcony/terrace keeps changing because of the clouds. Every day there is something new to enjoy. Unfortunately, no snow here. But we do get a far-off glimpse of Nainital hills and can see the snow there, but its quite far off.

  2. This is really awesome. But I’m a little confused about where did you take this picture. I have visit Bhimtal many times as I am a local there. can you share the exact location? You can check website also and find if your location is listed.

    BTW, great picture.

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