How To Pass Time

Accha timepass hai, paisa toh jo hai so hai. (Hindi)

A neighbour

“It’s a good time-pass, whatever little the money,” a neighbour commented when I told them what I do for a living.

She was relaxing on a bench just outside our tower, taking in the crisp, morning air. I had paused at the bench as the cab-booking app I was using was still searching for a suitable cab for me.

Should I keep quiet like I usually do when people make inane comments like these?

“No, it’s not just time pass, it’s good money,” I retorted. “Besides, I really enjoy what I do.”

What in the world do they mean by ‘time pass’? Time passes on its own, doesn’t it?

So here’s my advice to all those who are looking for ways to pass time. Don’t!

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT spend energy doing something that will happen on its own. Even if you continue sitting on a bench as the world goes by. Even if you curl up and take a nap on that bench. Heck, even if you drop down dead! So there, I guess it’s clear that passing time is not something you need to worry about.

Instead, what you probably need to focus on is learning how to enjoy doing absolutely nothing. Idleness is hugely underrated. It’s all the fault of proverbs like ‘An idle mind is a devil’s workshop‘, etc. etc. which our parents drilled into us. That’s all a scam really. I ask you, where would be today if Newton had been busy attending classes instead of relaxing under an apple tree? Or if Archimedes was a get-set-go type and had not dawdled in his bath? Or if James Watt hadn’t lingered in the kitchen just watching a kettle come to boil? You get the idea, idleness has and will lead to great things.

So do not feel guilty about lolling around in your bed all day, or sitting in the balcony and looking out at trees, birds, or even your neighbors if the houses are built really close together. Enjoy it. Instead of fretting and worrying about this, that, or the other, take a deep breath and enjoy the pleasures of idleness.

Who knows? The next big idea may be floating around, just waiting to plant itself in your mind as soon as you let it relax and be calm.

I am a technical writer by profession, and spend a lot of my time writing “How-To” topics (How-Tos). These are precise, to-the-point, step-by-step instructions for completing a specific task. Frankly, they are quite boring, if you are not technically inclined or simply not interested in that specific task. In contrast, in this how-to series with a twist, I’ll be attempting to give advice on relatively mundane things which you probably already know how to do, but I firmly believe (with absolutely no basis) that I can teach you how to do better.

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Published by Leena T Pandey

I have been reading voraciously since the age of five when I first discovered the joys of reading. I would lap up anything in print. Unrolling an emptied newspaper cone with one hand, stuffing roasted peanuts in my mouth with the other, all the while devouring the printed content on the cone with my eyes, was one of my first experiences in hedonistic pleasure. In fact, sometimes I feel that I am on an adventurous journey through the secret dreamworld of other people's imaginations, interspersed with occasional visits to my own life to attend events like graduation, first job, marriage, and so on. As a true-blue reader, I think I am uniquely qualified to comment on and critique other people's works of labour. I can tell exactly what puts the average reader to sleep, what sets their pulse racing, and what has them salivating for more. Write to me at

10 thoughts on “How To Pass Time

  1. Lol typical neighbors 😊 ,anyways message is good, loved the examples of Newton and other pioneers. Sometimes doing nothing is doing everything especially for your mind and soul.

    1. True…sadly, Indian parents too are forever after their children to do something, arranging activity after activity for them. So now we have children who get easily bored and do not know what to do with themselves.

      1. I totally agree, many of my friends have enrolled their kids in πŸ’―s of activities like swimming, dancing, sketching,self defense to name few. I wonder what kids actually want, do they bothered to know ?

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