Thursday Hops #6

In Thursday Hops #6, a monkey peeping in from our kitchen window….as if to ask “Is breakfast ready?”

A monkey peeps in
Is breakfast ready?

Monkeys are a common sight in Bhimtal. As number of houses increase and forest covers decrease, more and more monkeys are moving into residential areas in search of food. Some people feed them, perhaps seeing an incarnation of Hanuman Ji in them. On the other hand, farmers and those with gardens are forever shooing them off to keep their crops/fruits safe.

Our dog, Cheeku, takes it as a personal insult if any monkey comes within a metre or two of our house. When they come to the kitchen window, Cheeku puts his paws on the kitchen counter and starts barking like crazy. Initially, the monkeys got scared of his barking and would jump off to another roof whenever they caught sight off him. Slowly, they realized he can’t actually jump on to the counter and come close to them.

Then, this one monkey realized that there is a thick glass pane between them so even if Cheeku somehow managed to get on to the counter. Look at the disdainful way in which he is looking down at poor Cheeku! And all that time Cheeku was working himself up into a frenzy.

Finally, afraid that Cheeku would give himself a heart attack, I shooed it away.

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11 thoughts on “Thursday Hops #6

  1. This is so wonderful to read. It is incredible how smart animals are, and I am fascinated by the fact that your day and thoughts can be interrupted by a monkey. Reading your words makes the world feel so large and small all at the same time. Brilliant. This really made my day.

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Monkeys are quite cute. Many of them have looked me directly in the eye through the kitchen window, trying to guage whether to flee or stay depending on my reaction. If I continue doing whatever I’m doing, they stay and watch.

  2. In my area (Mathura), now they come in groups and their numbers increased especially in COVID lockdown ,in search of food. I got plenty of opportunities to shoot them from the window of my house.

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