Thursday Hops #10

Last week, I stepped out a bit. Nothing much, mainly to my in-laws’ places and one trip to the dentist. At my sister-in-law’s place, I chanced to glance upon her refrigerator door. The fridge door was adorned with a number of colorful magnets. I’ve seen them before but this time I paid more attention.

Each one was from a different place that their daughter had visited. Her first independent trip without parents had been to Goa. Her first international trip, as soon as her passport came in, was to Thailand with friends, and the travel bug bit her really hard. Then there was no stopping her.

She soon got a job in a reputed MNC, which offered a lot of opportunity for travel. Both she and her fiance landed jobs in Europe and shifted there after marriage. Apart from travelling for work, they spend all their vacation time exploring different countries in Europe. At every place she goes, she always remembers to get a fridge magnet representing the place she is visiting.

Whenever she returns to India, she presents the magnets of all the new places she’s seen to her mother, thus carrying on the ritual she started with her very first trip to Goa.

I found it really sweet!

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