Drawing Challenge #Day 6

Day 6’s challenge was to draw one of the four suggested subjects in Cubist style, which was made popular by Pablo Picasso.

Frankly, I must say I don’t really ‘get’ Picasso or the Cubism style. In many of the Picasso’s paintings, I can’t even figure what exactly is being depicted. The course I’m doing also sadly only poses the challenges and doesn’t do much explanation beyond providing some reference images.

By Pablo Picasso – wordpress, PD-US, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=38782663

So I ended up at the fount of all knowledge, Google, and searched for some quick tips on Cubism. What I learned was that Cubism is about accepting that you are trying to depict a 3-dimensional subject in a 2D medium and working around that by showing the subject from different angles, all at the same time.

However, the videos that I checked were not consistent on how actually to achieve the goal of Cubism. Some simply drew the subject then drew multiple lines in different angles over it and shaded them in different colors. Some drew the subject over and over again with overlapping borders. Some of the versions were distorted, while some were in different proportion. So I really am still not clear on Cubism.

In any case, I chose a vase with flowers as my subject. Here’s one of Picasso’s paintings on the same subject:

And here’s my version:

Cubism and Me

All I can say in its defense is….if you can’t figure out the number of vases in there in about 5 seconds, I might have got it right!

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