Thursday Hops #11

Reflexology is an alternative medical practice in which pressure is applied to specific points on the feet and palms. It is believed that different points on our feet and palms map to different parts of our body, and applying pressure on these points or massaging these points will relieve pain in related areas of the body. You can see a reflexology foot map here.

Many places have reflexology walking paths where you can walk barefoot or in slippers to get a natural foot massage. These walking paths are typically made of different sized stones and walking on them is supposed to lower blood pressure, work your foot muscles, stimulate your reflex points, and improve your overall fitness.

Our complex has a mini reflexology walking path, which is much favored by the elderly in our society.

Walking barefoot on this path on no joke. I’ve tried several times and get off after just a few steps. But I can walk on it with my rubber slippers on. It doesn’t give the same benefits as walking barefoot, but still is supposed to be good. I don’t know about the other parts of my body, but my feet do feel well-massaged after a 15-min walk on this path.

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Hops #11

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this blog post !
    I am a self-trained reflexologist.

    I have no formal training, but have read much about this ancient healing form.
    I have given my husband reflexology treatments for 29 years.
    He is 77 now – strong, fit, happy and healthy, and he believes that it is because I have looked after his feet so well.

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