Thursday Hops #20

Last week, we went to Bangalore to visit my sister.

This was our first flight since the lockdown. I must say airlines are doing their best to maintain social distancing and sanitization norms. No contact check-in and boarding, alternate seating near boarding gates, gowns for the middle seat passengers, face shield, mask and sanitizer for all passengers, and completely gowned and gloved flight attendants were just some of the ways in which this flight was different from all the previous ones we have taken.

All shielded and kitted out

But today’s hop is not at the airplane but at my sister’s utility garden.

My sister is fond of putting old, retired items to use. So in addition to brightly colored regular pots, her utility garden has a lot of plants growing out of recycled containers. The containers range from large 5-litre oil cans cut in half, discarded chavanprash jars, and Surf and Easy squeezy bottles.

My sister has spray painted some of the bottles green, probably in an attempt to bring in a bit of uniformity to this assortment.

She has also started experimenting with composting so that kitchen waste can be converted into nutrient-rich fertilizers for her plants. I really admire her efforts at recycling and reducing our carbon footprint.

And considering that her utility balcony gets little sun, I think she has done a marvelous job of brightening up the place. What do you say?

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Hops #20

  1. Both you and your sister are amazingly talented not just in your writing skills but also in multiple spheres like gardening… Look forward to more blogs …God bless

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