Drawing Challenge #Day 13

Ok, so this is not out of the 21 Day Challenge course. Exercising my own free will, I am substituting the challenge in the course with some artwork that I did for my office this week.

I participated in a collaborative art project for Women In Technology (WIT). Each participant received a package containing art supplies and a picture of one part of a mural. We had to use the picture we received as reference and paint it on canvas.

This is the painting I made.

I then uploaded the scanned image of the painting to a specified link, as did the other participants. Yesterday, the pieces were put together in a meeting and the complete mural was revealed. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of the complete mural. I sure hope the organizers will send us the pic sometime soon.

Anyways, the completed mural read “Women at …, Unleash Your Potential!”

Apart from the obvious goal of encouraging women in technology, there was a second goal behind this project. This was to reinforce the idea that Art and Science can mix. One of the other participants introduced me to to this Steven Roberts’ quote, which succinctly captures the idea:

Art without engineering is dreaming. Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven Roberts

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