Drawing Challenge #Day 14

Day 14’s challenge is to distort boring reality into something more interesting.

The reference photo shows an old, balding man walking in the rain with a package in one hand and an umbrella in the other. The challenge is to translate it into a more dramatic, dynamic drawing. 

In the reference photo, the man’s pose is such that his arms and legs are very close to his body. His silhouette is quite static and boring as you cannot make out his form clearly. We are supposed to improve the pose to create a more engaging image with clearer form and shape. 

Below is my solution to the challenge:

I tried to create an illusion that the man was walking against the wind, with what little hair he had on his head standing up on its edges, his coat blowing outward and the umbrella ready to escape from his hands so that he is almost hugging it to his body.

With both a package and an umbrella in his hand, I found it difficult to separate his arms from his body, but I think I have improved the character’s overall pose. What do you say?

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