On Raves and Rants

Whenever I open a newspaper, I dive straight into the Editorial and Op-Ed pages. Even as a young girl, I often dreamed about major newspapers printing my opinion on assorted matters and conveying them to people all over the country. However, I soon figured that the path to the Editor’s chair was probably paved with stints as a journalist, reporter, or copyeditor, none of which really suited me. (If you are thinking that I wanted to have my cake without baking it, you are absolutely right.)

The second way of landing on the Op-Ed page is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is become famous. Then, apparently, they hound you for your opinion on everything under the sun. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, this avenue also seems closed to me as of date.

Anyway, I remember that I had started this blog with the intention of broadcasting my opinion on various subjects to my hapless readers. I wanted to rave. I wanted to rant. But I got sidetracked. Numerous blog advisors suggested that a blog should focus on only one theme. But being the proverbial Jack of all trades (and Master of none), I really couldn’t restrict myself to one subject. So though I started off focusing on creative writing, I soon switched gears to travel, and then stealthily veered off to drawing and sketching. Hmmm. So much for a central theme.

The New Year dawned with new wisdom. I realized that I do have a unifying theme for my blog. Me. This blog is all about me — my travels, my sketches, my stories. With this newfound wisdom, I think it is time to add yet another aspect to this blog. My opinions. I may not be an expert in any field but I sure can hold my opinion about it.

Readers out there (sweeping gesture), rejoice! For this post heralds the beginning of my very own Opinion series. As and when I feel like it, I will dash off a post on whatever is bugging or intriguing me at the moment.

I would have promised to keep you glued to your seats, but as I’ve mentioned above, there is no preplanned schedule for these posts so no point keeping you glued, right?

All I’ll say instead is: Stay tuned!

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Published by Leena T Pandey

I have been reading voraciously since the age of five when I first discovered the joys of reading. I would lap up anything in print. Unrolling an emptied newspaper cone with one hand, stuffing roasted peanuts in my mouth with the other, all the while devouring the printed content on the cone with my eyes, was one of my first experiences in hedonistic pleasure. In fact, sometimes I feel that I am on an adventurous journey through the secret dreamworld of other people's imaginations, interspersed with occasional visits to my own life to attend events like graduation, first job, marriage, and so on. As a true-blue reader, I think I am uniquely qualified to comment on and critique other people's works of labour. I can tell exactly what puts the average reader to sleep, what sets their pulse racing, and what has them salivating for more. Write to me at leenatpandey@gmail.com.

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