A Cold, Foggy Morning

Today, I woke up to a world blanked out by fog. It has been foggy all week, but today an icy cold wind had come with it, just to stir things along. My husband loves such mornings, the fog and the wind aiding him in pretending that he is back in his beloved mountains.

Personally, I am not a big fan. I prefer my winters a little sunny. Soaking in the sun while relaxing in a comfortable chair in my little balcony — feet propped up, a coffee mug in one hand and a newspaper in the other — is my idea of heaven.

Deprived of this luxury, I was wondering what to do when the blank canvas stretched out in front of me gave rise to an idea. There was a way I could put the fog to good use!

I realized that this is the best time to capture a subject with a natural white background. So I got busy clicking all the flowers that are blooming in my balcony.

I love the way these railing pots create a pop of color against the stark white background.

The sun did make a feeble attempt to regain its kingdom around noon, but the fog thwarted it completely.

After a while, the sun just gave up and tucked itself away. Hopefully, it will rise tomorrow in all its glory.

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Published by Leena T Pandey

I have been reading voraciously since the age of five when I first discovered the joys of reading. I would lap up anything in print. Unrolling an emptied newspaper cone with one hand, stuffing roasted peanuts in my mouth with the other, all the while devouring the printed content on the cone with my eyes, was one of my first experiences in hedonistic pleasure. In fact, sometimes I feel that I am on an adventurous journey through the secret dreamworld of other people's imaginations, interspersed with occasional visits to my own life to attend events like graduation, first job, marriage, and so on. As a true-blue reader, I think I am uniquely qualified to comment on and critique other people's works of labour. I can tell exactly what puts the average reader to sleep, what sets their pulse racing, and what has them salivating for more. Write to me at leenatpandey@gmail.com.

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