Drawing Challenge #Day 18

Cardboard doodles

Day 18 of the drawing challenge was to draw a ‘cardboard doodle’. Wait, before you start googling (I did), that’s not an actual drawing term. It’s simply a term that the instructor invented for the doodles he makes on the cardboard backing of his drawing notepads. 

So the challenge was to draw a simple contour shape of anything – an animal, a plan, any other random object – and then cut out the shape and complete the doodle with a black pen. 

Frankly, I fail to see the challenge in this. Doodling on cardboard is exactly the same as doodling on paper, right? Well…..

The way the challenge was executed in the example, there was nothing new, except that you can hang the cardboard doodle or prop it up on your desk. I had a fair mind to skip this challenge and move on. But then I started googling cardboard art and saw some amazing examples that take advantage of the grooves or flutes in the corrugated cardboard. Check out the amazing creations in the links below:



I didn’t do anything as good but I decided to at least give it a try. I drew a simple fish (one of my favorite doodle subjects) and cut it out. Then I scratched out the upper layer in the cardboard to reveal the flutes in the tail and fins of the fish.

Then I used a marker pen to draw in the details. And here’s the final output.

Oops…..I should have let the tail and fins untouched!

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