Drawing Challenge #Day 17

Day 17’s drawing challenge was to make two eye drawings. First we had to draw an eye as realistically as we could. Once we had done that, we had to draw a second eye, which was as graphically simple as possible. The objective of this challenge was to explore the polar opposites of the visual solution. 

According to the instructor, too many artists associate drawing with realism and spend a lot of time trying to draw photo-realistic picture (That’s true!). However, photo-realistic drawings are not the norm in illustrative circles. 

At the end of the challenge, we had to state our preference – realistic or graphic.

This is the realistic drawing that I created by following an extremely good step-by-step tutorial on YouTube.

Then I went on to draw a graphic eye. Of course, the simplest way to represent an eye, is to just make a dot. I’ve done that in cartoon sketches before. For this challenge, I drew the eye that I usually make while distractedly doodling in meetings:

The instructor preferred the graphic approach as it allows a more diverse range of styles, which you can use in a lot of different types of projects, whereas realism (according to him) has limited use because it is is just that, realism.  

Personally, however, the graphic eye was a bit of a letdown for me. I has enjoyed drawing the realistic eye so much. With each stroke, the eye started to come ‘alive’.

But of course, drawing realistically needs a lot of time for doing all the detailing. The ultimate objective of this challenge I guess was to realize that we probably need to find a middle ground between these two extreme approaches.

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